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CO2 laser LS800

Engraving by laser is a modern method usable for wide variety of materials. Laser excels in durability of result, preciseness, speed and flexibility. There exist almost no limitations in engraved graphics. The result of using laser technology is precise and permanent marking, which may be removed only by rough force.

Technical parameters of the laser:

průběh gravírování laseremprůběh gravírování laseremprůběh gravírování laseremprůběh gravírování laseremprůběh gravírování laseremprůběh gravírování laserem

CNC machine IS400

Engraving is used in particular to manufacture brass or aluminium company signs. It consists in engraving the necessary graphics in a certain depth and subsequent pouring with paint.

Another possibility is engraving with a diamond or a rotary diamond. The method of marking consists in surface "scratching " of the required graphics.

Technical parameters of the CNC machine:

průběh gravírování diamantemprůběh gravírování diamantem

Other machines being used

Rotary adapter to the laser - as far as to the diameter of 200 mm.

Bevelling machine B6 - for bevelling of brass, aluminium, but also plastic signboards. Possibility of creation rounded corners.

Cutter grinding machine CG30 - for grinding cutters at production of company signs of brass or aluminium.

Dimensioning saw VA11 - - for cutting plastics, aluminium and light metals.

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