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company signs, information boards

Signs engraved by laser

When producing company signs or information boards of plastic, we have two possibilities. The cheaper possibility is using two-colour plastics. Choose the basic colour of the signboard from our offer and the required text is mostly in black colour. It is not possible to paint these colours further.

The other possibility is using the so-called reverse plastics. It is engraved in the signboard from the back and the engraved away text or logo is then poured with the required paint. The paints can be combined and the resulting signboard can be multicoloured.

firemní štít gravírovaný laseremfiremní štít gravírovaný laseremfiremní štít barvenýfiremní štít barvenýoznačení poschodíinformační tabule

Milled signs

Technology of milling is used for manufacturing brass and aluminium company signs. The signboard is milled out and then poured with the required paint from the RAL scale. We use two-pack paints. Possibility of mounting on the wall with decorative screws.

frézovaný firemní štítfrézovaný firemní štítfrézovaný firemní štít - polotovarfrézovaný firemní štít - vybarvenýfrézovaný firemní štítozdobné bezpečnostní šrouby

Information or orientation systems

They are suitable into big buildings, banks, post-offices, schools, sport complexes, firms and in general everywhere, where certain navigation of people is necessary.

The orientation systems as such consist of an unchanging base and variable tablets with the necessary text engraved.

orientační systém pro golfové hřištěorientační systémorientační systémy

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