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engraving in plastic

Engraving by laser

When engraving in plastic a very low laser output is used, because the plastic might melt down. There are lots of advertising materials of plastics and there is no reason to be afraid of laser.

Ballpoints and other promotional items such as openers, key rings and pendants belong to the items often engraved. As it can be seen in the third photograph, the colour of the engraving cannot be predetermined in advance when engraving in plastic either.

gravírování laserem do rádiagravírování laserem do dalekohledugravírování laserem do alkoholtesterugravírování laserem do fotorámečkugravírování laserem do fotorámečkugravírování laserem do pravítkagravírování laserem dopropisky

Carving by laser

Laser may be used also for carving from plastic. Letters from various coloured plastics, stands or various ornaments are most often carved.

CNC machine engraving - with a diamond

Diamond engraving is not a frequent method of plastic marking, but it is possible to engrave this way. Very nice results can be achieved by this engraving.

gravírování diamantem do budíku

CNC machine carving - with a carving cutter

We use this way of carving in case the plastic delivered melts down when using laser. Not all plastics can be cut by laser. Openings into ready boxes intended for industrial use are most often cut out.

We use two-colour plastics for various use purposes, the first layer of them is engraved away and the second colour "shows through ". Wide choice of both interior and exterior, highly resistant materials.

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