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What all can be engraved?

We can say, with a bit of exaggeration, that almost everything can be engraved or marked in another way. In case engraving of more pieces is concerned, it is good to make one sample. It must be admitted. this will not guarantee the same result on all the articles engraved but we will have at least general idea on the result. We can see the possible results on the following photos.

rozdíl v gravírování do plasturozdíl v gravírování do kůže

Rubber, pottery, marble, tiles, stone and even paper belong to other materials or products that can be engraved successfully.

Untraditional Christmas greetings, invitation cards, announcements - not only the wedding ones and diplomas can be made of metal-coated paper.

výroba razítkových štočkůgravírování do keramikyvýroba přáníčekgravírování do pokoveného papíru

If you are not sure either if it is possible to engrave the given material, there is nothing simpler than trying it.

In case it is not possible to engrave in the material for some reason, nothing has been lost yet. We have self-adhesive foils in various colours in our offer, of which self-adhesive labels can be produced.

výroba samolepekvýroba samolepekvýroba samolepekvýroba samolepekvýroba samolepekvýroba samolepekvýroba samolepek

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