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Is it possible to influence the colour of the engraving?

No, it isn't. It depends on the material, which is being engraved in. For example at anodised aluminium the upper layer is engraved away and the engraving is in the colour of the aluminium - white. Plastic becomes mostly matt, but it can also get tinged as far as to black. Also the engraving in wood is each time different- it depends on the wood quality. We can say every piece is an original.

How deep is the engraving?

When milling on the CNC machine we set the depth precisely. When lasering, this is not valid. The laser engraves away only the surface layer, as the case may be it tinges the material somehow. On the contrary, when engraving by means of CerMark, a layer several micrometers thick arises.

What are the delivery dates?

In case of common engraving (engraving in flasks or knives, manufacturing a stamp or a nameplate) the delivery date is ca. within 3 days. In case of production of company signs, signboards ant the like it is ca. one week, and the delivery date for bigger orders is agreed individually.

How shall I order engraving?

As regards manufacturing a stamp, a nameplate or anything, which is possible to manufacture without your presence, it is possible to order it by e-mail. As regards engraving in a concrete thing, you have to deliver it to us, namely in person, by post or by courier. The ready product can be collected either in person or it can be sent to you.

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