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engraving in wood

Engravin by laser

The engravings in wood belong to the nicest ones. We can engrave both raw wood and the lacquered one, where either the lacquer gets tinged or it is engraved through to the wood itself.

The quantity of wooden articles suitable for engraving is great. Boards, wooden handles of knives, umbrellas, tools and many others belong here. Further we can name also various boxes and wine packaging.

gravírování do kytarygravírování do stojánku na nožegravírování do podstavcegravírování do setu na vínogravírování do krabičky od karetgravírování do deštníkugravírování do šachů

Engraving according to a photograph

We manage to engrave your photograph in poplar plywood, beech wood or the wood brought by yourself. This is a very popular present. A photograph can be engraved also in some plastics.

gravírování do dřeva podle fotografiegravírování do dřeva podle fotografiegravírování do dřeva podle fotografiegravírování do plastu podle fotografie

Carving by laser

Laser manages to carve various motifs not only from poplar plywood and balsa. We use the plywood of thickness of 3 and 5 mm for production of wooden decorations. We can produce knife stands, various figures in combination with a wooden base, Easter or Christmas decorations and many others of plywood.

We offer model builders carving from balsa according to technical drawings.

vyřezávání z překližkyvyřezávání z překližky

CNC machine engraving - milling

Milling can be used in hard wood or in massive, where we need to have a precise depth of the engraved sign or logo.

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