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plaques, sport trophies

Plastic and glass trophies

At present we can offer plastic trophies with black-blue marble rear side and glass trophies. In case of the plastic trophies we engrave in the rear side and in front view the engraving can be seen under the front side. The colour of the engraving is in the colour of the plastic. Glass trophies can be engraved from both sides.

Retail prices are from CZK 630.00 for plastic trophies and from CZK 260.00 for the glass ones.

plastová trofej plastová trofej plastová trofej plastová trofej

Wooden plaques

Wooden plaques in various dimensions and colours are concerned. They are used as a base for plates with the engraving. Boards of plastic, aluminium or brass can be placed on the plaque. The unit forms a prestigious award.

Retail prices are from CZK 250.00.

Drevěná plaketa velkáDřevěná plaketa tmaváDřevěná plaketa mahagonDřevěná plaketaDřevěná plaketaDřevěná plaketaDřevěná plaketa malá

dřevěná plaketa s hliníkovou destičkou dřevěná plaketa s plastovou destičkou dřevěná plaketa s hliníkovou destičkou

Sport cups

We can offer also sport cups, where the offer is so wide that we will not present the whole of it on our sites either. It is easier to specify your inquiry in an e-mail and we will send you a concrete offer according to your specification.

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