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Trodat stamps | multicoloured Trodat stamps | wooden stamps

We are authorized producers of Trodat stamps. We have in our offer complete assortment of the Megaflex company, which is the exclusive importer of the stamps in the Czech Republic. Besides these we have also classical wooden stamps with pads.

We will be pleased to make for you complete stamps or printing blocks into your existing stamps both at our registered office in Prague 9 or in our sample shop in Prague 8.

You can order newly also via Internet and you will collect the ready stamp in some of our branches or we can send it to you cash on delivery.

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Trodat stamps

RWe could divide the Trodat stamps according to the following use:

TRODAT PROFESSIONAL - is an ideal helper for everybody, who regularly stamps
ERGONOMY - The Professional offers comfort to the user and fits in hand perfectly. Imprints arise by soft and silent movement.
RELIABILITY - Modern design hides strengthened steel structure, new bearings, conceptually improved text plate, lower and upper frame. Repeated endurance tests prove the Trodat Professional is the most resistant stamp in its category.
CLEANLINESS - New cover of data tapes guarantees that your fingers will remain clean also during everyday data setting. The unique Powerbar guarantees perfect stability and long service life of the data tapes of the stamp.
TRODAT PRINTY - is the most popular and the most used self-inking stamp in the world
UNIQUE - Stylishness of the dynamic shape, the text window inclined in the angle of 45° for easier reading from above and from front, the antiskid soft-touch surface, the push-button for exchange of the pad, the window for easier positioning of the imprint and the antiskid safety pins cannot be disregarded.
PRACTICA - A stamp for everyday use is intended in particular for those, who need to have it all the time with them and who travel a lot. It is light, in spite of that very robust, compact and absolutely reliable.
MODERN - Innovative use of high-quality materials, contemporary design, pleasant colour solution - plus practical functionality of every detail. Undoubtedly the number one.
TRODAT MOBILE PRINTY - is a unique pocket stamp, with which it is possible to print with one hand
SIMPLE - Intelligent technology enables easy and fast stamping with one hand: "Click" - and it's ready.
STABLE - A unique pyramid shape with a central stabilizer always ensures steady position. Five-point support of the stamp with perfect pressure distribution and a central pillar will ensure an absolutely precise imprint.
CLEANÉ - Well thought-out construction prevents both fingers and stamps from staining by ink when stamping or exchanging the pad.


You can find the complete assortment on the sites Megaflex.cz

Multicoloured Trodat stamps

Individual multicoloured imprints are a new star of the world of stamps. Possibility of a stamp of up to 15 colours.

vícebarevná razítka Trodat

Table of MCI colours available - colours mentioned as C / M / Y / K:

tabulka barev vícebarvých otisků


Classical wooden stamps

Wooden stamps are the option affordable for everybody. We offer a wide choice of wooden stamps of various sizes and shapes. At random a single-line stamp, a rectangular stamp of 58 x 22 mm or a round stamp with the diameter of 45 mm. Prices are already from CZK 10.00.


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