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engraving in metal

Engraving by laser

It is used for engraving in metal articles (mostly of anodised aluminium), which also have some surface finish. For example ballpoints, pendants, iPods, flash disks and other promotional items belong here. The resulting engraving is in the colour of the background material.

gravírování do fotoaparátugravírování do přívěškugravírování do krytu na iPodgravírování do přívěškugravírování do vizitkovníkugravírování do miniglobusugravírování do iPodu

Engraving by laser by means of CerMark

It us used for engraving in clean metal articles without surface finish, such as flasks, thermos flasks, knife blades, small stainless plates, watches and others.

The CerMark paste is applied on the place, where the engraving will be later. It comes to a reaction by the action of the laser on the metal through the paste and a black engraving appears. A several millimetres thick, very hard and resistant layer on the surface of the metal is concerned, which is formed by an alloy of active elements contained in the solution and the lasered metal itself.

gravírování do brněnígravírování do patky mečegravírování do mečegravírování do nožegravírování do čepele nožegravírování do konvicegravírování do flash disku

When engraving in round articles, such at bottles, glasses, cups, thermos flasks and the like we use of a rotary adapter.

gravírování do šejkrugravírování do termoskygravírování do termohrnkugravírování do hrnku

CNC machine engraving - with a diamond

Engraving with a diamond is used in case we do not want to have a black engraving in the metal. In fact scratching with a diamond point is concerned. Everything is computer controlled, that is why the engraving is very precise. The result of the diamond engraving is decent and very precise.

gravírování diamantem do mincegravírování diamantem do cínového víčkagravírování diamantem do hodinekgravírování diamantem do náramkugravírování diamantem do flashdiskugravírování diamantem do iPodugravírování diamantem do vizitkovníku

We can engrave in very hard materials with a rotary diamond. This has an off centred point and thanks to rotation it leaves a wider mark.

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